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Transportation Management System


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Global Control with World Class Technology

Gain control over your logistics network and empower your business to achieve significant competitive advantages with ChemLogix’s On-Demand Global TMS. Powered by a best-of-breed transportation management software, On-Demand Global TMS optimizes load building, routes, rates and service levels, provides real-time visibility into transportation status and automates freight payment.

Staffed with seasoned chemical logistics professionals, ChemLogix provides on-site project management expertise to ensure rapid ROI. On-Demand Global TMS enables control over your logistics network and provides the power to yield substantial savings without the investment or IT resourcing requirement of traditional systems.

A Cohesive Transportation Management System

Enable greater visibility and control while leveling the playing field with the major chemical companies. With our On-Demand Global TMS, your business can streamline day-to-day truck, rail and ocean transportation operations, seeking several advantages:

  • Significantly lower freight rates through bid optimization technology and services
  • Cut costs by consolidating loads, capitalizing on mode selection, and planning continuous moves to maximize transportation asset utilization
  • Monitor your entire transportation plan from the computer of your choice and get real-time load status, carrier performance, non-conformance alerts and reports
  • Conveniently collect accurate historical data that can be leveraged in carrier negotiations and management decisions
  • Improve workflow by tendering loads, communicating with carriers and paying or reconciling freight invoices electronically – without the hassle of phones or faxes

Planning & Execution

Driven by a web-native Collaborative Logistics Network, the most capable transportation management support technology on the market, we locate (within seconds) the optimal load configuration, the best mode, the preferred carrier and the lowest rate available. Our advanced Internet-driven communications technology interacts with carriers to assign loads and tracks status, and empowers clients with real-time visibility of everything from the initial plan through to its execution.

Visibility, Settlement and Quality & Performance

All you need is a computer, security code and order number to monitor your cargo and transportation plan in real-time. With this shipment status information and accurate rate, accessorial and claims information, we calculate the settlement electronically and consolidate the information onto one concise, easy-to-read invoice. In addition, your organization has access to the historical data of our extensive transportation database, allowing you to plot benchmarks on the quality and performance of every load.

Rapid Payback

With a web-based TMS software, implementation is smooth and easy, resulting in rapid ROI. In fewer than 4 months, On-Demand Global TMS will be designed, built, integrated, tested and activated to deliver its robust planning, execution and settlement benefits.

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