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International Logistics


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Worldwide Simplified

With fluency in global transportation management, ChemLogix’s Global LX helps your organization translate international logistics into business profit. Through our expertise in complex international protocols and the economics associated with shipping across borders, we simplify the process of expanding to new markets by ensuring your compliance with intricate regulations and obtaining the most competitive rates to reduce overall costs.

Gain an Expert Partner – and a Competitive Edge

Global LX provides you not only with confidence and security, but also the operational proficiency to ensure a streamlined, customized and cost-effective global logistics solution. Offering an unparalleled combination of global logistics expertise, leading edge global trade management technology and an established track record of personalized customer service, the results-oriented team at ChemLogix Global will help you to capitalize on the opportunities available in the global marketplace – while minimizing the risks.

Our comprehensive and cost-effective global supply chain services and technology include freight management and consulting services, enabling small- and mid-sized companies to optimize and automate their international logistics operations while ensuring compliance with complex Government regulations and reducing overall costs. Learn more about the benefits of Global LX for:

While the global marketplace is complex, it holds great opportunity for businesses that are able to successfully expand to new territories. When it comes to international operations, the key to unlocking full supply chain value is to partner with a proven global logistics expert like ChemLogix Global. Leveraging our extensive capabilities and resources, ChemLogix Global will custom-design an international logistics solution that optimally addresses the needs of your business. Our proven processes will transform your complex international shipment operations into a smooth, efficient and cost-effective means to achieve a true competitive advantage.

International Rate Inquires

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