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Intermodal Transportation


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ChemLogix’s intermodal service is reliable, safe, affordable and significantly more eco-friendly than long haul truck. With a single contact for booking and tracking orders, our seamless door-to-door domestic and international intermodal transportation is the ideal shipping solution for chemical companies. 

Intermodal chemical transportation combines the best qualities of truck and rail transportation to deliver superior service and savings to shippers. Our expertise in transportation logistics and highly specialized insights into the chemical industry enables ChemLogix to take the mystery out of intermodal transportation for our chemical industry clients—providing our customers the full advantage of intermodal benefits.

Our intermodal service specializes in bulk ISO intermodal tank containers and dry containerized freight. ChemLogix offers up to a 40% cost advantage when compared to domestic tank truck shipments of hazardous and non-hazardous chemicals where destinations of over 700 miles are required. ChemLogix’ intermodal service provides this cost effective chemical transportation from the shipper’s plant to the consignee—with comprehensive tracking and monitoring—all on a single bill-of-lading.

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In addition, since April 2008, ChemLogix has been the sole provider of BulkTainer services. To learn more, visit our BulkTainer Services page.

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